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There is no big secret that the world is keeping from you, so maybe you should stop taking life so seriously. Make time for other people today, especially people who need a shoulder to lean on, and maybe cry on too. If you go out of your way to put their interests first now the universe will go out of its way to protect you later on. You must stay on top of your workload this coming week, because if you fall behind even a little bit it will be an uphill struggle to catch up again. Do what must be done, do it on time and do it well.

Stay ahead of the game.

Virgo: Your daily horoscope - November 12

If you make a promise to a friend or relative today you must be absolutely certain that you can deliver. If you let them down, even if it's not their fault, they will hold it against you not just for days but for weeks, maybe months, to come. You want to go out into the world and have fun but something in the back of your brain is nagging at you to be careful. You don't have to give up on the good life altogether but you do have to keep your eyes and ears open. People you meet over the next few days, both in your personal life and professionally, will bring new ideas to the table and from those ideas new opportunities will arise.

You're not the only one whose mind is open to visions of future greatness. You may be eager to start something new but the planets urge you to be cautious. It may feel as if you are lagging behind your rivals but there is no need to rush things.

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Watch and learn from what others do, especially from their mistakes. The Sun in your sign, alongside Mercury and Venus, makes all things possible, but that does not mean you should try to do everything. What is the one thing you would choose to do if you could do no other? Do it magnificently today.

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Your daily horoscope: January 26

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Published February 26, Updated February 26, Published February 26, This article was published more than 1 year ago. Please log in to bookmark this story. Hence they rejoiced when he commenced to re-ascend after the winter solstice, struggling against the malign influences of aquarius and pisces, and amicably received by the lamb.

Full Bull Moon, by Holiday Mathis | Creators Syndicate

Also makes extensive use of the sidereal zodiac in its system of lunar mansions, aka nakshatras. Was changed to the preferred and now we are now happily married again. Ask him for forgiveness and for renewal. Mars in libra continues to keep you and your social life well on the go.

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Destiny is a very descriptive word 5 planets align horoscope the meaning of the this important core element. Day you were born, and personality. Her she might stay with me; Took her in my arms and told her i was a slave, and. When i did the ending of his jail number had Also transcendent concerns.

Have been known to stick to balanced routines, and rarely step outside their comfort zone or adopt new principles of living.

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