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  1. Take this friendship compatibility quiz to see which zodiac sign is your BFF
  2. Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With? Quiz - ProProfs Quiz
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Maybe you're a homebody who would like to just curl up with a Netflix movie, or maybe, you want to go on an adventure with your hot new date. Ever heard of love languages? There's a book on it. In order for people to feel satisfied and fulfilled in a relationship, they need at least one of the following options in order for their relationship to work.

A guy may show his love, but that may not mean anything to a girl who needs him to say he loves her. That's just one specific example. Use your imagination, and try to figure out which of the following you can most likely do without and still have a happy relationship. There's quite a bit of overlap in terms of zodiac-sign personality types. You may have even read beyond your own zodiac sign and found that you can totally relate to the other astrological signs. Well, it's kinda designed like that. It's intended to be a pretty general portrait of a person whom anyone can relate to.

Zodiac signs aren't mutually exclusive. There's quite a bit of overlap; however, there are some differences which I want to address in this question. Yes, some of us are walking contradictions. We all have our blind spots. And sometimes, they're plain as day to the people who interact with us on a daily basis, like a girl who didn't get enough attention from her parents growing up and now wants all of her boyfriend's attention. That's just another example of how our past can come back to haunt us, mostly in the form of our subconscious minds.

Come on now - be honest. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and try to think back to your last fight with a friend or a parent. Was it mostly you or mostly them? Try not to play the blame game. Usually, the cause of a fight doesn't totally rest on one person. It's usually because of a misunderstanding, because of a lack of attention, or because someone was becoming quite careless in the relationship.

Take this friendship compatibility quiz to see which zodiac sign is your BFF

Do you spend too much money or cancel too many playdates? Be honest. I mean, like which color would you least likely paint a room? This question could be taken as which color would you least likely dye your hair as or wear as an outfit. Just pretend you're redecorating your bedroom. What's your modern-day favorite color? When I was a kid, mine was pink, and now, it's evolved to blue. Don't ask me why.

Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With? Quiz - ProProfs Quiz

In fact, you can't really ask why. Favorite colors are a gut instinct. That's why this makes a great zodiac-compatibility question. Ideally, relationships should help you grow as a person. They should make you take a hard look in the mirror so you can find your less-than-desirable characteristics and work on them. Every day is a chance to be better than you were yesterday and to have fun, of course.

The Signs and Love

But some people want to be challenging in varying dosages. Maybe, someone doesn't want to be challenged on every single issue, and others crave it. So, do you like to be challenged? All people need their own free time, even when in a new, serendipitous relationship.

How are you least likely to respond to conflict?

Sure, maybe you don't ever want to be apart from your partner especially in the honeymoon phase , but after a few months, you shouldn't be surprised if your significant other wants to go back to his video games or hang out with his usual crew of friends. You shouldn't be hurt by it.

He's trying to include you in his life. And if you're a dude reading this, then I apologize for not staying gender neutral. Okay, okay I'm sure you're familiar with all those movies. If not, then I know what you should be doing this upcoming weekend. Personally, The Notebook is my all-time favorite romance. I've seen the movie way more times than what's healthy for a human being probably like 12 times, shhh! Don't all people have a hobby?

A favorite pastime of theirs to tend to once they come home from work or are bored on the weekends? For me, my favorite activity is reading and playing video games.

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Yeah, maybe. But what are your hobbies? Is it gardening, crocheting, playing video games, being involved in some kind of sport, or maybe just hanging out with friends?

If It’s Not Your Birth Sign

Answering this question will help bring us a little bit closer to finding your least-ideal match. Now, answer carefully! Everyone has a catchphrase, right? Like "go-go gadget" or "oh, jinkies" or "ayyy"? I'm just kidding. I don't remember the last show I watched where the character had a catchphrase.

I guess Rick from Rick and Morty kinda has some, but he's being ironic when he says his catchphrases. Although you may not have a catchphrase, which one of the following options would least likely be your favorite catchphrase? I mean, if you had to pick one, of course.

We Put Zodiac Compatibility To The Test - #Swipelife - Tinder

We all act a bit differently when we're in the office. Some people become a lot more serious, others become super-duper anxious like my mom before she retired , and others blend exactly into the mold of a worker bee. Now, I guess there are a couple people who feel super confident in their position and just let themselves act how they would if they were shooting the crap with their buddies.

Buzzfeed zodiac compatibility

Personally, I'm not like that. I become a busy bee. I'm terrible with money. Like a little kid with no restraint, I spend all of it at the drop of a hat. Oh well I have a lot to learn from this adulting thing. How are you with your money? The choice is yours! Maybe you use one of those nifty budgeting apps like Mint that takes in all your bank statements and then calculates how much you have left in your monthly budget allowance. Pretty nifty, right? Ah, Sunday afternoons For me, that means laundry, cartoons, and maybe some grocery shopping.

It's always been the most nostalgic day of the week for me. It signals the end of a nice, fun weekend and reminds me of the upcoming work week. For some reason, when I was a kid, Sundays would stress me out.

I seriously needed to chill at that age. So, what chore puts a frown on your face and makes you work slower than usual because you just don't like doing it that much?